Use the Government to Hire Your Next Superstar

Here is a great tip on how to use the Government to help you find your next staffing superstar. There have been times, over the years, that we have used the local unemployment office to fill a position. Usually, this entails posting a job description and waiting. If you have done this, you too might be surprised by what you get. Often you get nothing but if you do you might get applicants who seem to have applied for the wrong job. Either way, it leaves you confused and frustrated.

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A few years ago, my cousin started a small business (Charter Controls, shameless plug) that manufactures industrial control systems. We recently went to lunch to catch up, and I was lamenting how tough it's been to hire, even in this recession. She turned me on to something I didn't even realize was there. Instead of posting a job, the local unemployment office often has counselors who can pair you with applicants.

Here in the State of Washington, the department is called WorkSource. Some things I've recently learned about what they offer businesses is; personalized applicant searches, an applicant filtering service, training, and even pay subsidies to help people get back to work.

The same department offers services for veterans. It pleases me to see this. Some of the best employees we've had come from the service industry. I'm afraid there might be too much of a stigma placed on service personnel or maybe the public just doesn't know. These people need jobs when they come back. Most National Guard or re-entry bases in the US offer centers for help finding jobs for returning service members. You will love their discipline!

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