Network Marketing VT

What exactly is Network Marketing VT?

Network Marketing VTis quickly becoming the fastest growing business opportunity in the industry and the preferred transition choice for top marketers (yes, many are abandoning their other business to join NMVT), and for very good reason.

I had been talking to Chris at CamdenDesigns yesterday, they manage a superb Detroit based print company. Anyway, they inspired me to make this informative article so I thought it was worth mentioning the company.

For me, the top 5 most appealing aspects of NMVT are:

1. The Easy-To-Explain compensation plan

100% commissions paid to you.

Your first referral is paid to you, your second to your sponsor, and every other after that to you. At $98/month, getting to a 6Figure income, which should be your minimum goal, is extremely easy. Note: Joining my team entitles you to 2 FREE paid signups.

2.FREE 14-day full-access trial ..including full Support

You have 2 weeks full access to the products, services, etc., without committing a dime. And you are free to opt out anytime.

The NMVT suport system includes 'live chat' and social media technologies.

3. The Products

Unlike the majority of business opportunities where the products are no more than 'something to sell' , NMVT products are not only useful, but are necessary in building an online business. Think of any aspect of growing a business and there is a video product for it both 'Live' and recorded. Social media, PTC, PLR, Blogging, Mind set, SEO, action plans, you name it,its there. These are products developed by world class leaders Daegan Smith, David Wood, etc.

And an even greater benefit anyone globally can access them.

4. World Wide availability

Due to the internet and social media your Market is global.How often have you prospected, only to find out that your opportunity is not available to your prospect.

You just lost a sale! NMVT does not have that issue.

5. Powerful Marketing system

The marketing system in NMVT includes a complete sales funnel, with continually tested lead capture pages. Coop marketing is the most effective type and NMVT have collaborated with several top marketers to provide group rates.

Also included is the option to have NMVT staff call your leads for you for FREE. No other company does this.

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The NMVT approach to marketing is to offer upfront value to prospects. So you don't focus on sending links to people, instead you offer a free trial, products, etc. This is a zero-pressure approach and reflects the values the CEO, Jason Spurlock often speaks about.

Thank You - Where would I be without you? - Utilize folks all the time.

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