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Small business marketing tip - Get rid of problem employees.

One of the things that never ceases to surprise me is the number of small businesses owners who allow their growth to be limited, even determined by their employees. So many of them keep people around who don't do their work, have rotten attitudes, destroy office morale or drive away clients.

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I remember an employee of a client who told me that their clients either couldn't afford or didn't need a product we wanted to promote! When I asked how she knew the financial situation of 1,500 clients, she was unable to answer the question. I wrote a sales letter promoting this product and a large number of clients called in and bought it. Still, she won't sell it.

I realize immediate termination is not always an option and the issues surrounding termination and unemployment are complex. However, if an employee is hurting your business, you really need to make plans to change their behavior. If that doesn't work make plans to terminate and replace them. Doing so is a favor to you, your customers and the emplo0yee. If a person has a bad attitude or no motivation, the odds are that you will never change them.

Many talk about how indispensable certain employees are. When I hear that I remember a saying my dad told me, "The graveyards are full of indispensable people." If you have allowed an employee to become "indispensable," think about taking action to make sure they aren't and that you will survive and thrive without them.

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