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A business may have a variety of needs. Often times, the business owner has needs that may go unmet because they are always busy with work issues. If a virtual assistant is looking for a truly profitable and demanding niche, the overwhelmed client may need the multitasking expertise of a professional concierge.

Organisation is quite hard to manage for some businesses. It can sometimes be overwhelming just working on the creation of products or services for clients and managing what they provide. In the grand scheme of things, other important stuff gets missed all the time. It's important for somebody to be able to pay attention to the details, so that products and other core specific events go off without a hitch.

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There are many different areas of operation in a business. For example, a catering service could be getting ready for a major upcoming event. Besides all the different kinds of food, there is the equipment, hiring workers, uniforms and a million other seemingly insignificant details. Even if just one small task is overlooked, the event can suffer and possibly cost the business it's valued clients.

Imagine that the organisation is getting ready to set up a national meeting for all it's members. After the date is set and the invitations go out, the real work begins. There are hotels to reserve, website development updates, entertainment selections, caterers and other arrangements to make for everyone involved. They need help managing the particulars.

With any major event, the real hero is the person who handles all the small things and details associated with the best ideas that somebody else comes up with. In a small business, the unsung hero is the harried business owner, who already has a lot on his or her plate with other projects. Only a well organised person can coordinate and handle all of this with zeal and determination.

Multitasking is certainly not for the faint of heart. If you're used to it and feel you have the talents, go with it and see how far you get. A virtual assistant that was once the right arm of an executive or another management professional knows from personal experience just how demanding it can be to handle every detail.

For the highly organised and multi-talented expert virtual assistant, using your skills to help in every aspect of your client's life can be a very rewarding challenge. Some of the duties you will be called upon to make as a concierge virtual assistant are:

Planning events

Business scheduling

Making personal appointments

Party planning

The hiring of various services

Buying personal and corporate gifts

Hotel reservations

Making travel arrangements for clients

Paying personal bills

Handling household activities

A concierge virtual assistant is a personal assistant and business assistant all rolled into one. If the business client has a great idea for a new product, you will be the one doing all the fact crunching. They may forget to schedule a doctor's appointment for the children and this task would fall to you. They may count on you to manage their entire schedule, so they are in the right place at the right time, when required. A concierge virtual assistant takes care of a client's personal and business needs with an air of professionalism and confidence.

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