Small Business Grants in North Carolina

Anybody who runs a small business in North Carolina can develop their business knowledge and skills with organizations such as the U.S. Small Business Administration. The district office of this federal agency is located in Charlotte, with further offices to be found in Asheville and Cary. In addition to offering advice on business affairs, the SBA also funds a range of business assistance programs.

This should not be confused with direct financing of small businesses, which the SBA only does in very specific circumstances. For example, free federal grants from the SBA are available as part of the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs. As the names suggest, these programs only apply to industries such as:

  • technology
  • science
  • energy

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It is likely that your North Carolina small business will not qualify to benefit directly from SBA grants. You can, of course, still use the SBA as an information resource. In addition, the following organizations are also located in North Carolina, and can offer various services such as information, advice, and business training.

North Carolina Department of Commerce

The North Carolina Department of Commerce runs the Thrive in North Carolina project. Part of this project is the Business ServiCenter, which acts as a one stop resource center for conducting business in the state. Information is provided on:

  • financing a small business, for example the North Carolina Green Business Fund, which awards grants to small businesses to encourage the development of green technologies
  • starting and growing a business in North Carolina, including the sharing of resources for networking purposes
  • licensing and permitting, and general state regulation compliance

North Carolina Small Business Center Network

The North Carolina Small Business Center Network is a community college system which aims to provide small business owners with essential tools and resources. In fifty-eight centers across the state NCSBC staff provide:

  • free counseling on starting and expanding a business
  • free access to resource libraries, including business plans and market research
  • low cost seminars and workshops teaching entrepreneurship, bio business, international business, and government procurement
  • access to tools such as the IRS Tax Center

North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center

Established in 1984, the North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center network has helped over 125,000 small businesses to thrive. Each center in the network is staffed by business experts, typically with extensive experience and graduate degrees. They can offer:

  • training and education for business start ups
  • guides to funding opportunities
  • assistance with market research, as well as conducting effective marketing campaigns

Whether you need training, advice, or financial assistance, there are organizations in North Carolina that provide the services you require. The SBA is important in that it is the official agency of the federal government, however it is extremely unlikely that they will offer you a free grant. Loans are a viable alternative, and it should also be remembered that there are often other grant awarding bodies to be considered.

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