The needs and assistance property Investors need

A lot of investors buy a wide range of investment properties in this market. Investors want better returns and better deals on investment properties. That is all great for your investment portfolio.

I believe what investors should also think about is the life of their investment property and the investment real estate company they want to help them for the life of their investment.

There are a lot of real estate experts out there. What you as investors have to do is make sure the company you pick to build your portfolio with, will be there when you need them to be.

I had a call from a client that needed some work done on there property and questioned our maintenance bid. We looked at the quote and agreed on a price and the client was happy. The point is the property was purchased 3 years ago and the client hadn't purchased another for the same period. We were still there to make sure they were happy with our service and price. They we're comforted by us being there to oversee their concerns.

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Another service a real estate expert should offer is getting the lowest price on home insurance. We pool a lot of properties with an agent to get the lowest price. Insurance goes up and when it does we switch companies for our clients. Our company charges nothing for that and we get no kickbacks from the insurance company.

We assist our clients with lowering their property taxes on their property. We have a lawyer that does this for our clients at a discounted price. Again we make no money on that service. It effects your bottom line.

One last thing although there are many more. We have two property management services that deal with our clients only. Our company meets with them once a week to make sure the our clients properties are producing for our clients. Again we make no money on their services.

We also pay our own marketing team to market our clients properties and set appointments for our property managers. Our vacancy rate is less than 3 %.

These are all qualities you want in you real estate expert. Find an expert who cares about out clients returns, that means they want their clients investments to get the maximized profits they deserve.

Dealing with all these types of details is very important for the life of your property investing.

I almost forgot. I promised the folks over at Jon M Duncan Law that I'd give them a mention in my next post. They treated me great and were professional all the way. I was able to get Jon over the phone or on-line each time I wanted help. It was an awesome experience. If you need a great Prince George based lawyer give them a peek. You simply won't do better in British Columbia. Alright, I'm out for now. Come back soon!


Thank You - Utilize folks all the time. - Certainly worth reading.

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