"Managing Client and Service-Learning Projects"

According to Anderson's "Managing Client and Service-Learning Projects," the most important thing in a student-client relationship is maintaining clear communication. This shouldn't come as a surprise; every relationship in life is about communication. Poor communication is the source of most relationship problems. With good communication comes mutual understanding. And with mutual understanding comes unity, synergy, and progress.

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So what is it about clear communication that is so important in this kind of student-clientrelationship, and how can students become better communicators?

This question is partially rhetoricalobviously, good communication is essential if I want to please a client and meet his or her needs. But I don't know exactly how students can become better communicators. As we have discussed in class and in our readings, these social skills cannot merely be gained in the classroom; they have to be learned in real life.

So how can I prepare myself for client interactions before I'm thrown in the deep end of a service-learning project like the one we're about to embark on? I know that humility and confidence are two things that are imperative for me to have before beginning this project. But what else is helpful?Is there ever a point at which a student can over-communicate to their client? Or should all of the documentation and written agreements and things merely be a starting point to the communication between students and clients?

Regardless, it's exciting to do real work for a client, and not just do a project in a classroom for a professor.

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