10 Terrific Ways To Build Your Opt-In List

I am sure that you have heard the line "the money's in the list" and as cliche as it sounds, it is the truth. If you build a list and use it properly by cultivating a relationship with the people on your list then you are sitting on a potential mountain of cash.

For some building a list is a bit of a mystery. The actual mechanics of list building are not difficult and below I will provide you with 10 terrific ways to build your list.

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  1. Newsletter / E-zine
    With the growth of the internet and the great number of people coming online each day the necessity of information is almost never ending. People are always searching for the information they need and if they can find it in an easy to digest form, in one place then you have a winner. Newsletters and E-zines are still great ways to give your list quality information and build your relationship with them.
  2. E-Courses
    If you are knowledgeable on a subject and can offer people a free e-course this is a great way to build a list, build credibility and build relationships. When creating your course make sure that it contains at least 7 or 8 lessons that can be delivered every few days into their inbox. You will of course, subtly sell your product(s) or affiliate products within the lessons!
  3. Articles
    By now we should all know the benefits of article writing. It isn't always easy to force yourself to create articles and distribute them to the top article directories. However, it is always good for your traffic and eventually your income. Use your resource box to direct them to your newsletter sign up or squeeze page and if you have provided good quality content, you will get visitors who will sign up to learn more.
  4. Free e-Books
    A good, high quality, free e-book is an excellent way to build your list. You don't have to write a novel. In reality you can write a simple 10-20 page report. As long as the topic and the quality of the book or report are good, people will give you their email address in exchange for the information you are providing. If, for some reason you don't think you can write one yourself, then have it written for you. Just make sure that it is information your visitors want or need to have. Also ensure that you have included links to your products and sites in the book. You can include affiliate links as well maximize your earnings.
  5. Free Membership Site
    If you have plenty of content then creating a free membership site is a great way to collect plenty of email addresses from interested people. Make sure that the content is valuable, preferably not available anywhere else, and can only be had by joining the site. Once you have them as a free member you can then upsell them other products or other levels of membership with more products and more resources available to them.
  6. Squeeze Page
    A squeeze page is basically a pre-sales letter where you have a capture form to collect a name and email address. From the squeeze page you can send them to any other page you want them to see such as the actual sales letter, or another informational page that will help pre-sell them. A nicely designed and well written squeeze page is very effective. If you have the capability add audio and/or video for even greater response.
  7. Pop Ups
    Pop up windows have proven to be very effective in promoting an offer. Sometimes they are used immediately after a person arrives on your page or often when they try to exit your page. Either way they work very well as long as your offer is valuable to them. There is a great little pop up script in our internet marketing products section.
  8. Viral Marketing
    The basis of viral marketing is simple. You give away something of value that is so good, or so outrageous, or so controversial, that people want to pass it on to all their friends. It could be anything, like a video, a book, a game, photo, basically anything that would be passed around. Just be sure that whatever it is, it has your URL embedded in some way and it points to your squeeze page or sales page.
  9. Free Giveaways
    Giveaways have always been a popular form of list building. One of the most popular ways you find today is where there is a group of people who submit products that are available for free in exchange for their name and email address. This is actually a simple form of joint venturing. These are excellent ways to build your list rapidly. However, you should be aware that many times your list will be that of freebie seekers and not always the most responsive list when it comes to actually purchasing a product.
  10. Sign up bonuses
    The last, but not the least list building tactic of this article is sign up bonuses. These can be anyting you want them to be. Basically you offer your visitors a bonus if they sign up for your list. It could be a book, a report, a piece of software, a discount of future products, a physical product, a trial offer or anything else you can come up with. As with all previous list building tactics just be sure that the bonus is valuable enough that the visitor will exchange their email address for the bonus.

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By using these 10 simple strategies you can build your list and then leverage that into great earning power.

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Do you have any ideas or other suggestions for list building? Did you like this article? Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Thank You

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