Northeast U.S. Medical Billing
Acquisition Opportunity

 Emergency Medical Billing Service with mix of Public/Private customers.

  • S-Corp Founded 1992
  • Revenue : 2015P $2.1M; 2014 $1.5M; 2013 $1.4M
  • Customers: Mix of Public & Private
    • Municipal Emergency Medical Services, Public Sector, Physicians & Clinics
    • 39% Municipal Ambulance Services, 31% Public Sector, 25% Physician Practices, 5% Urgent Care
  • Approximately 100 Customers
    • Revenue distributed nicely among diverse client base
    • Many with 3 year contracts
    • Customers are all within one state, where company holds leading reputation
    • Great opportunity to expand services to other states
    • Many long term customers
  • Labor/Staff
    • Approximately 20 Employees
    • All employees, no ICs except on ad-hoc basis
    • All employees work at company building
  • Technology
    • Variety of Platforms, with AllScripts and Lytec being the most common.
    • Internal software tools to improve operational efficiency

For Additional Information, contact Broker:

Tim Kruse
Kruse Acquisitions, LLC

Mid Atlantic Healthcare Documentation Firm

 Our client is a Medical Transcription firm with an acute/ambulatory customer base mostly in the Mid Atlantic Region.

  • Incorporated 1982
  • 2016 Projected Revenue : $1.3M
  • Production is 100% U.S.
  • Several clients with 30+ year contractual relationships
  • Recently vetted for federal, state and local GSA contract schedule
  • Open to new platform, however employees and clients currently use proprietary file delivery system
  • Proprietary mobile app
  • Workforce includes project manager; two IT consultants, office assistant, two remote QA supervisors,  and 27 MT’s.
  • All MT’s are employees and work on company laptops
  • MT’s compensation tied to production and accuracy to ensure highest quality
  • 99.85% accuracy ratings with semi-annual audits of MT’s
  • Gross profit margin of 42%

For additional information, contact broker:

Gabriel Kruse
Kruse Acquisitions, LLC

New York Court Reporting Firm

Owners of a well-established upstate NY court reporting firm are looking for a partner to capitalize on their many opportunities for growth, creating an excellent acquisition opportunity.
  • Revenues:
    • 2016 936K
    • 2015 972K
    • 2014 941K
  • Major Service Lines: Court Reporting  & Legal Services for Depositions (Medical Malpractice, Litigation, Intellectual Property, etc.) and Arbitrations
  • Other Services: Video Conferencing & Videography
    • Customers:
      • Law Firms
      • Insurance Companies
      • Healthcare Providers
      • State Departments
      • Municipalities
      • Universities
      • Court Reporting & Legal Service Firms
    • Labor/Staff
      • 10 Full-Time W2 Employees (2 Principals, 3 Administrative, 5 Court Reporters)
      • 7 ICs/Court Reporters
    • Technology
      • Web-based depositions with state-of-art depositions suites and teleconference centers.
      • Utilizes an array of third-party technologies across its business lines


For Additional Information, contact Broker:

Tim Kruse
Kruse Acquisitions, LLC

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